as i age i m in my 40s i m only too aware of what i do now to invest in my skin will have a direct result on how confident i ll feel when 7 days to reverse your skin s age diy beauty beauty hacks beauty secrets 10 everyday things that age you how to look 10 years younger in 10 days 7 things you never thought would age your skin b802ec8965f8c5e39de5a2e6675786a5 jpg as we age our skin bees drier and less elastic which can result in lines and wrinkles you also may find your skin is more rough in texture than it try these beauty tips to love and protect your skin as you age this is the best way to care for your skin when you re in your 30s with some smart lifestyle choices and a few other things taken into consideration you too can manage to keep your age as just a number