the carpet song green polka dot just love teaching the carpet song and the carpet rap carpet song teacherspayteachers an open marketplace for original lesson plans and other teaching resources e to the carpet sit down here i teach kindergarten and we sing songs all day i sing this song as well transition to carpet or circle time my kiddos need a poster to reference it the motions carpet song the carpet song green polka dot our to the carpet song is one of my favorites as it gets their attention quickly and requires them to repeat each line as they are quickly finishing what the kids and i sing this song as they make their way to the carpet it s a little longer so they have time to pick up wver they were working on i got this fun little chant from my friend katie at simply creative in cky when she would transition her first and second graders to the carpet hands go up sung to le le little star to transition them to the carpet for story time ca80240082531f234563a231297e4354 kindergarten songs save resource antique tibetan hand knotted saddle carpet with tang song dynasty pattern 1 the carpet song in the key of c minor dedicated to norman allin only 8 00 here s another version that i posted a few months back that is more of a rap or chant the video can be found if you here and the words are below