you tv no long term contract here to view the original image of 519x388px coastal carpet python cage setup qld coastal carpet python enclosure and l exhibit for centralian carpet python morelia spilota bredli reptile house reptile cage and what would this thread be without pictures of the carpet python itself 2 juvenile jungle carpet pythons and 2 jungle carpet pythons you jaguar carpet python 7 foot coastal carpet python and enclosure morelia irian jaya carpet python page morelia spilota varigata irian jaya carpet pythons information here is the new home for my little carpet python they are arboreal at this age so she should be happy spending most of her time up in the branches from southwest carpet python setup this is a pro line cage from constrictors northwest i made it my 1 display cage and have seen my carpet use all areas of it i was very happy i went with bioactive 6 5x2x3 scrub python enclosure if i do get the snake i will put an exo terra foam rock background in there the tanks merements are 21l x 18d x 32 h jungle carpet python enclosure carpet python tank and stand my new carpet python on her first day shipped in irian jaya carpet python enclosure carpet python cage wts waco female jungle carpet python and terrarium texas jungle carpet python enclosure by dvl 91 bioactive set up for coastal carpet python irian jaya carpet python carpet python viv setup 20181205 203611 enclosure build ing along for my little carpet python still have to add substrate secure all the plants add climbing branches and install the gl coastal carpet python enclosure setup farmersagentartruiz male jungle carpet close up of head so i ve got my next reptile planned and it s got to be a jungle carpet i ve never been taken by a snake like this everything i would want in a snake irian jaya carpet python enclosure regards emmie x