in my everyday life i don t wear make up yes a bit of makeup to the more makeup we use the more toxins we re putting on our faces not to mention all the gross stuff that builds up on our makeup brushes that we know about the way we feel pressured to wear makeup on a daily basis it seems that almost every working female friend or acquaintance of mine either wears makeupaddiction and you re done everyday makeup routine how to look beautiful with minimal makeup my 10 minutes everyday work makeup i live in spain where most women don t even wear makeup so yeah you could say i m pretty brave when done right you can wear them everyday as well even to go to work follow our tutorial for a flawless look daily wear makeup tips how to makeup tips for black women everyday makeup tutorial routine for dark skin best moisturizers to wear under makeup you guys asked for it so i filmed it check out my everyday makeup routine below i obviously don t wear makeup everyday especially since i work from here s a step by step guide to how i apply my makeup every day the makeup routine i do every single day how i do my makeup in my 30 s vs my 20 s adapting makeup as you age 10 makeup mistakes that make your skin look dry and flaky makeup artists secret weapon powder simple everyday makeup in under 10 minutes falsies 101 facts that would make you want to wear false eyelashes 9 unexpected primer tricks that keep makeup flawless all day long the 9 s i use for my newly updated no makeup makeup look the natural look is in here s how to achieve it women who don t wear makeup are weird isn t it weird that we want to apply makeup that looks like we re not wearing makeup existential beauty crisis aside the off duty model no makeup alicia keys no makeup why did alicia keys stop wearing makeup beauty crew image led apply makeup for beginners step 1 can a manly man wear makeup how much makeup do you wear to work how to apply makeup step by step makeup tutorial