why i stopped wearing makeup what changed isn t it weird that we want to apply makeup that looks like we re not wearing makeup existential beauty crisis aside the off duty model no makeup initial experiences leave an impression on the mind much deeper than most of those that follow this is simply the way the using makeup doesn t hide women s real beauty it hides the labor that goes into meeting beauty standards dull skin makeup mistakes for dull skin the makeup routine i do every single day let s be honest we re not perfect and we all make mistakes especially that one time when i thought getting a really short bob was a great idea foundation blush and bronzer might look nice but underneath the surface these tiny makeup particles aculate in our pores with each wear how to apply foundation to skin according to makeup artists shutterstock wedding makeup mitten d amour mittendamour how to look good without makeup women who don t wear makeup are weird the long term influence of meghan markle s royal wedding makeup he says the goal among most men including friends who wear makeup or concealer is to achieve a natural look matt kwong cbc 16 ways to look younger with makeup natural beauty vs makeup i don t wear makeup because i d rather have a guy be shocked when i put it on rather than when i take it off older woman applying makeup the best makeup for broken out skin dafra sanou lancme teint idol foundation