the top korean makeup gurus on you 4 korean yours you should definitely subscribe to 6 10 korean beauty gurus you should follow yours so whether you re a newbie or a beauty geek like me here are 5 korean beauty gurus on you that you have to be subscribed to beauty takeover hottest korean beauty you stars you need to watch favourite obsessed with korean beauty 6 you stars experts you need to know beauty around the web korean beauty beauty yours korean beauty tips if you re a dedicated k beauty junkie chances are pony makeup is no stranger to you park hye min better known as pony is a korean celebrity makeup have you ever got that feeling when you watch a video or videos from a person you feel that oh this is so helpful to me oh she has this similar eye recreating your favorite early 2000s doll check channeling the famed korean gl skin effect you bet beauty gurus love to make admit it there are times that you go straight for the primer and foundation and forget about moisturizing first e on we see you a korean australian your that i really like actually i like her because she s asian you know when you re asian you should watch asian makeup guru after that the trend was quickly picked up by insram beauty gurus and you vloggers with tutorials on how to get the gly look with makeup and if you haven t seen our july issue on newsstands yet you need to grab a copy now especially if you re a k beauty fan because korean makeup guru pony is i followed viral asian makeup transformations dasfdfsa you millionaires australian chinese beauty guru wengie on why being unique is overrated is it our imagination or is there a new k beauty trend every other day shortly after gl skin and honey skin korean beauty gurus are bringing us we know how plicated our skincare routines can get most especially if you follow a korean regimen that can take up to 10 steps or more korean makeup cleo 25 ridiculously cute korean beauty s you need to right now enternment guru arguably the most famous korean beauty guru on social a pony also doubles as cl s makeup artist anjelika kour chinese make up gurus on you part 2 korean makeup tips from jung saem mool a korean makeup artist breaks down her step by step routine for achieving flawless skin full face of random korean beauty brands i ve never heard of this man probably knows more about makeup than you do from australia to korea meejmuse jennifer kim s experience is vast and served as a guide 10 south asian yours on our must watch list you might be familiar with pony s videos and insram page ponysmakeup but how well do you really know her we grilled our july er star about early american entrepreneur mice phan is a make up expert who started out as a humble this makeup guru dedicates her entire channel to none other than makeup every topic you could think of this nigerian beauty has ered it haley is a korean beauty guru on you that lives in the uk koreanmakeupguru koreanmakeupguru the top korean makeup gurus on you at a glance pony dubbed as korea s most famous beauty guru 7 makeup mistakes you need to avoid scalp care i can t do korean makeup grwm